3 Ways to Become a Resource while Enhancing Reputation Management Initiatives

The cumulative results of the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates and the Hummingbird algorithm change has been a front burner issue for reputation managers trying to navigate through the practices that can still yield results versus others that are either non-starters or are now delivering diminishing results. To summarize these changes, the black hat and ancillary practices that did not add value for searchers’ inquiries have now been eliminated or sublimated as rankings are now gauged for the quality of information that is presented.

The gravitation of search engines toward rewarding informative content is now in full swing, which presents several opportunities for reputation management initiatives; the potential to create high quality content that occupies high rankings on the search engine results pages (SERPs) while also positioning the sponsoring business as a credible resource within its industry, supplementing marketing activities, and facilitating brand building efforts. Here are three ways to create content that serves all of these purposes.

  • Informative written content – Presenting information that answers and delivers solutions to search queries from the target market can provide an insider’s view, whether the search terms can be categorized as preliminary research or the types of questions that are posed immediately before making a purchase. For example, questions that cover the specifics of warranty coverage would typically indicate that a buying decision is imminent and the consumer is now assessing non-core aspects of that purchase. Published content that answers the questions related to warranty coverage can actually serve 3 purposes; rankings on the SERPs to satisfy reputation management objectives, positioning the sponsoring business as a resource, and driving a consumer who is ready to make a purchase to the website.
  • How to videos – The engagement rates on video content in general continue to move higher and the search engines, specifically Google with videos published to YouTube, are increasingly ranking video content on their front pages. This serves reputation management purposes while also positioning the sponsoring business as a knowledgeable resource for information on a variety of products.
  • New product introductions – Introducing new products via video and written content can position the company as being current on (or ahead of) developments in new products as well as the industry in total. Presenting these introductions in a video format can also highlight new product capabilities, features, etc.

Reputation management initiatives can achieve much more than the occupation of high search engine rankings. By publishing content that can be used as a resource by consumers, a business can enhance its marketing efforts and build its brand as well.


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