3 Ways to Capsize a Reputation Management Campaign

Reputation ManagementWhen a reputation management campaign is being put into action after the surfacing of potentially harmful content, one of the primary objectives is to solve the issue as quickly as possible. This quest for a fast and efficient solution, however, is loaded with the potential mistakes that can capsize a campaign, delay resolution, and/or increase the size of the original problem.

These potential mistakes include:

  • Failing to define the nature of the negative content – Negative commentary does not just show up on the search engine results pages. The most efficient way to counter a negative piece is to ascertain where it first appeared, the topic, and the relevant keywords that are included in the text of the content. Only by defining these factors can an efficient strategy be formulated to deal with the issue.
  • Choosing quantity over quality for content – Papering the web with low quality, spun, and/or duplicate articles may have worked in the past, but updated algorithms used by the search engines can now see this type of content for what it is, meaning it will be relegated to the back pages for results or ignored in total.
  • Throwing fuel on an already burning fire – Once a reputation management issue surfaces, the last thing anyone needs are communications from the targeted business that make the situation worse. Trying to cover up the problem, shifting blame, and combative responses to comments are just a few of the ways in which a company can make its reputation management problem bigger than it already is.

The surfacing of negative content should be met quickly but not without first building a cohesive strategy. By avoiding these mistakes, you can build a reputation management strategy that counters the issue quickly and efficiently while allowing you to regain control of the messaging related to your business.

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