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Rather than the traditional ways in which businesses built their brands with messaging that was distributed over television channels, radio stations and print media, the regard for a company’s brand is now shaped in large part by the conversations that take place on the web in social networks, review sites and other online venues.

This evolution in brand building mandates that businesses adapt from the traditional methodologies of communicating “to” customers to a new paradigm of communicating “with” them. In this new paradigm, brand building has become a function of providing customers with a positive experience at every touch point, ranging from the publication of actionable information to the way in which responses are crafted to customer inquiries and complaints.

In this new environment, the team at Online Reputation Managers creates innovative brand management strategies designed to enhance brand perception in a conversational context that prioritizes the interests of each target market member. These strategies include:

  • Developing exposure across numerous high value social networks – While one social network may deliver a rich target market for one type of business, the same network may be devoid of value for a company in a different industry. Online Reputation Managers researches and develops exposure based on the best social networks for each type of business.
  • A social media presence designed to position your company as a credible resource in its industry – This positioning is accomplished by publishing value-added content that is easily shared between community members and different platforms.
  • The integration of messaging channels – This integration encourages website visitors to explore additional online assets while also linking social network members to the website.

Positioning your company as an authoritative resource that has its target audience’s interests as its highest priority can answer the question of “What’s in it for me?” that is subconsciously posed by your customers when they are making a purchasing decision. At the same time you’ll be building your company’s credibility, trustworthiness, and ultimately its brand. For more information on brand management by Online Reputation Managers, contact us today.

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