Q) Why does my company need reputation management?

A) As consumers continue to migrate their searches to the web for information, shopping, research, etc., there is a strong probability that their first impression of your business will be made by what they find in search results related to your company, products and services. A reputation management strategy can put you in control of what they find in their search results to ensure that they see the most positive aspects of your business.

Q) Is reputation management similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

A) A reputation management campaign will incorporate many of the same practices as those used for SEO, with there being two major differences. Generally speaking, the objectives for a reputation management campaign are more robust, seeking multiple rankings on search engine results pages and will also entail the potential for direct engagement with the target market.

Q) Can reputation management move my business forward or is it intended to maintain my current position?

A) A comprehensive reputation management campaign can move a company forward in many ways including brand enhancement, drastically improving online visibility, search engine marketing, building credibility/authority, expanded market reach, and more.

Q) Will a comprehensive reputation management campaign include exposure on every social media platform?

A) At last count, there are over 500 social media sites, making inclusion on all of them impractical and inefficient. The best results from social media engagement occur when a business develops a presence on the sites where its target market is plentiful and active. Trying to engage on networks with little in way of an audience will detract from your efforts on sites that can yield better results.

Q) My business has some bad reviews on Yelp and other review sites. Can a reputation management campaign suppress them?

A) Trying to suppress bad reviews on these types of sites is a dangerous game that can become problematic if discovered. Instead, the best methodology is an indirect approach that follows the timeline of a conventional reputation management campaign. This entails the creation of highly informative and positive content that is distributed into channels where your target market can find and share it. While this type of campaign will not suppress bad reviews, it can dilute and outnumber them significantly.

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