Net Shield

Reputation Management

The need for the implementation of reputation management strategies is commonly realized only when potentially harmful content is published on the web that requires a response, management and mitigation. While taking these actions in the face of the surfacing of negative content is required to minimize its effects, your business can be positioned to handle negative content in a more effective and comprehensive manner by taking protective steps in advance of this type of event.

With the Net Shield program from Online Reputation Managers, your business can take a proactive position against negative content, which delivers three major advantages:

1) Occupying multiple and possibly a majority of the rankings at the top of the search engine results pages – In the Net Shield program, multiple pages of content containing high value keywords/key phrases relating to your business are optimized and distributed to various internet assets including social media platforms with the objective of moving them to the front of the results pages for related search terms. Occupying multiple listings for each key phrase makes the surfacing of negative content far more difficult and diminishes its visibility to web searchers.

2) Less space for competitors’ listings – In addition to preventing negative content from surfacing with high visibility rankings, taking up a majority of top listings makes the surfacing of the web pages of businesses competing for the same keywords/key phrases more difficult as well.

3) Branding on the search engines, social networks, etc. – While content is created and optimized with an objective of occupying high search engine rankings, this information that is deployed in the Net Strike program is purposed to enhance your company’s industry authority, credibility and trust to enhance brand building efforts as well.
Reputation Management

While serving as a proactive defense against negative content, the Net Shield program from Online Reputation Managers also positions your business on search engines, extends your reach in your social networks, and builds your brand. With these additional benefits, there is a strong possibility that the revenues that are generated can transform the cost of protecting your company’s reputation into an investment that pays dividends over the long term.



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