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Net Strike by Online Reputation Managers
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When content surfaces that has the potential to harm your company’s brand and/or damage the perception of your target market toward your company, products, and services, the last thing you should do is hope that it goes away on its own. In fact, there is a direct correlation between the potential damage that negative content published on the web could potentially incur and the likelihood that it will eventually disappear. The correlation is this; the higher the potential for damage, the less likely it is that the content will submerge without action being taken.

This is a dangerous relationship, but one which the Net Strike program from Online Reputation Managers is specifically designed to handle. Here’s how it works:

  • When potentially damaging content is first detected, the team at Online Reputation Managers goes into action to determine its essential characteristics, including where it was first published, its accuracy, whether it is being re-distributed via sharing, and the breadth of its distribution.
  • With the aggregation of this knowledge, strategies are developed to close the issue as quickly as possible. Engagement at the source of the publication is common, with the objectives being the determination of whether the issue can be handled to both sides’ satisfaction in an expeditious manner or that additional steps will need to be taken.
  • Simultaneously, high value content is produced and optimized to start the process of distributing articles, posts, etc. that carry the company’s positive message. Optimization of this content is purposed toward moving multiple web pages to the front of the search engine results pages to either deny visibility of the negative content or submerge it so that it falls out of normal search parameters.
  • Once the threat posed by the negative content has passed, the team at Online Reputation Managers puts monitoring in place to allow the early warning for potentially harmful content should it surface at a later date.

With Net Strike from Online Reputation Managers, your company has the tools in place to protect it from publications that can prove harmful. For more information on how you can insulate your company’s online reputation from damaging content, contact us today.

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