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Brand Protection: There is a very high possibility that the perception of your brand is being influenced by content that is publishable on a wide variety of venues across the web at any time of day. When that published content is positive in nature, such as the sharing of your content or an effusive… Brand Management: Evolution in brand building mandates that businesses adapt from the traditional methodologies of communicating “to” customers to a new paradigm of communicating “with” them. In this new paradigm, brand building has become a function of providing… Net Shield: The need for the implementation of reputation management strategies is commonly realized only when potentially harmful content is published on the web that requires a response, management and mitigation. While taking these actions in the face… Net Strike: When content surfaces that has the potential to harm your company’s brand and/or damage the perception of your target market toward your company, products, and services, the last thing you should do is hope that it goes away on its own. In fact, there is a direct correlation between the potential…

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The internet has changed almost every aspect in the ways that businesses communicate with their audience. One of the biggest changes has been the transfer of branding power from businesses to the conversations, posts, articles etc. that are published by their potential and existing customers on the web. This user-generated content can appear on a variety of venues including the search engine results pages, social networks, and blogs to play a defining role in how companies are perceived by their target market.

This paradigm shift can have both positive and negative implications for a business’ reputation as “word of mouth” referrals and commentaries between community members now carry as much or more influence as traditional company-generated advertising. The danger for businesses occurs when these conversations turn negative and start spreading across the web and into the front pages of search engines where they become increasingly visible for web searchers.

With over a decade of experience in protecting the brands and reputations of businesses across the full spectrum of industry, the team at Online Reputation Managers designs and implements strategies that can minimize, reverse and/or negate the effects of this type of damaging content before it can seriously impact a company’s brand, customer perception and sales.

Online Reputation Managers implements two different types of strategies, depending on the circumstances at hand.

  • Proactive Reputation Management – A proactive management strategy is put place before negative content becomes an issue. This type of strategy enables businesses to shape their brand while implementing defensive measures to counter negative content before it surfaces.
  • Reactive Reputation Management – This strategy quickly identifies and executes the best tactics to handle potentially damaging content that has been published on the web. The key for success in these circumstances is to counter quickly, efficiently and comprehensively to minimize the effect and influence of the negative content.

Whether you are taking advance steps to protect and enhance your company’s reputation or defending it from already published content, Online Reputation Managers has the experience to design a customized campaign that can keep your business moving forward. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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