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Online Brand Protection

There is a very high possibility that the perception of your brand is being influenced by content that is publishable on a wide variety of venues across the web at any time of day. When that published content is positive in nature, such as the sharing of your content or an effusive recommendation that praises your business, the perception of your brand can be increased considerably. On the other hand, disparaging content that has the potential to turn people away from your business can cause damage to both your business’ brand as well as its credibility…

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Online Reputation Managers  Brand Management

Brand Management

Rather than the traditional ways in which businesses built their brands with messaging that was distributed over television channels, radio stations and print media, the regard for a company’s brand is now shaped in large part by the conversations that take place on the web in social networks, review sites and other online venues.

This evolution in brand building mandates that businesses adapt from the traditional methodologies of communicating “to” customers to a new paradigm of communicating “with” them. In this new paradigm, brand building has become a function of providing customers with a positive experience at every touch point, ranging from the publication of actionable information to the way in which responses are crafted to customer inquiries and complaints.

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Online Reputation Managers – Net Shield

Net Shield The need for the implementation of reputation management strategies is commonly realized only when potentially harmful content is published on the web that requires a response, management and mitigation. While taking these actions in the face of the surfacing of negative content is required to minimize its effects, your business can be positioned to handle negative content in a more effective and comprehensive manner by taking protective steps in advance of this type of event…

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Online Reputation Managers – Net Strike

Net StrikeWhen content surfaces that has the potential to harm your company’s brand and/or damage the perception of your target market toward your company, products, and services, the last thing you should do is hope that it goes away on its own. In fact, there is a direct correlation between the potential damage that negative content published on the web could potentially incur and the likelihood that it will eventually disappear. The correlation is this; the higher the potential for damage, the less likely it is that the content will submerge without action being taken.

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